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Your very own personal assistant



Introducing Buddy AI, a sophisticated personal AI assistant available on Telegram. This innovative bot offers a comprehensive range of features, enabling users to obtain prompt and accurate responses to their inquiries, spanning from general knowledge queries to holiday itinerary planning. By engaging in conversation with our advanced bot, users can streamline their daily routines and benefit from an elevated level of efficiency. Join us today and experience how Buddy AI can simplify your life.

Concept of Action

Personalized Travel Itineraries

Utilize AI to create personalized travel plans, suggest attractions and accommodations, and provide real-time travel information for your vacation.

Personalized Meal Planning

Can generate custom meal plans, suggest recipes and shopping lists, and monitor your progress towards your health goals based on your dietary preferences and restrictions.

Personalized Fitness Assistant

Create personalized workout routines based on your fitness goals, track your progress, and provide you with exercise tips and guidance to help you achieve your desired fitness level.
A personal assistant robot is a helpful companion that learns from us and makes our lives easier. Buddy AI


Greetings! Our project focuses on utilizing advanced AI technology. We are planning to introduce a token for the project and subsequently release our AI product, the Buddy Ai Bot.
The available supply of tokens is 1,000,000 (1M).

Token supply breakdown :
3% allocation will be in the marketing wallet
3% allocation will be in the development wallet
96% allocation will be in Uniswap for public.
Our aim is to create a reliable and secure AI utility that provides significant value.


Buy Tax
Marketing 2% | Development 2% | LP 1%


Sell Tax
Marketing 2% | Development 2% | LP 1%

Buddy AI Roadmap

Q1: Launch Phase

  • Planning - March 2023- ~

    • Inviting and building the community foundation
    • Test Token on test-net
    • Test Ai Product final phase. To make sure everything works smoothly during release day.
    • Presenting website and other social mediums to community members

  • Launch

    • Launching token on 15th March 2023 / 13:00 EST : $BAI
    • Launching Buddy AI Bot 15th March 2023 / 17:00 EST
    • Renouncing contract.
    • Execute marketing protocol.

  • Services

    • Offering introduction and training to the community.
    • Obtaining feedbacks from community of our product.
    • Obtaining feedbacks from community of our product.
    • Executing usage of Buddy Ai Bot with $BAI Tokens.

  • Community Building

    • Strengthening community with developers.
    • Strengthening community with developers.
    • Introducing more features on Buddy Ai.

  • Expansion

    • Expanding the usage of Buddy Ai to other projects.
    • Carry out marketing for adoption and education for community outside of Buddy Ai community.
    • Securing partnerships with off blockchain partnerships.

Q2: Adoption Phase

  • Adoption

    • Increase adoption all around Telegram users.
    • Increase educational methods to help developers and projects understand Buddy AI utilities

  • Incentives

    • Further enhance feedback received by users and dev team to further improve efficiency of utilities.
    • Provide incentive by increasing market value of tokens for investors by holding to $BAI tokens to use Buddy Ai Bot.

  • Partnership

    • Gain progressive partnership with companies outside of Crypto or Telegram
    • Integration of Buddy Ai with partnerships projects.
    • Gain market advantage against our competitors in providing a better after sales communication and support.
    • Encourage collaboration among community members and early investors in the upbringing of Buddy Ai branding.

  • Marketing

    • Find marketing channels to launch more marketing campaigns.
    • Strengthen Buddy Ai branding and consumer reach.
    • Establish a consistency in utilities adoption to the community and projects.
    • Strengthen education exposure to community for better understanding of our products and use case.

Q3: Expansion Phase

  • Maintenance

    • Maintenance of products and utilities after BETA launch to community.
    • Creating a market analysis to gather and evaluate information on the brand and utilities. Its a critical aspect in bringing this project ahead of our competitors.
    • Evaluate data received from developers and community for our utilities to be improved and to implemented for the better.


    • Exploring more possibilities in product adoption and moving towards physical business owners for adoption. Stepping out the box.
    • Collection market analysis for off blockchain business to implement Buddy Ai utilities to further enhance consumers usage flexibility.
    • Add partnership off blockchain partnerships.


    • Expansion towards other blockchains other then Ethereum.
    • Gaining partnership with other blockchain developers and projects.
    • Deploying Buddy Ai utilities to suit their requirements and system.
    • Updating V2 website and all other social channels for better integrations with the community.


  • Improvements, Adoption and Enhancement

    • Improvements data received by on chain and off chain business utilities users to further enhance adoption and integrations of utilities to suit both business demographic.
    • Enhancing utilities from data collected by users and businesses.

  • Monitoring

    •This step is crucial for Buddy Ai to gain information and monitoring algorithms to benefit business and project.
    • If needed, improvement and adjustments of algorithms, It will be done to provide better end user experience interface.

  • Marketing

    • We will continue to build the community as more feedback on our Buddy Ai utilizes will be better for data collection and improvements to be implemented
    • Implementing further marketing strategies from marketing wallet to gain further exposure on the brand and also the utilities presented.
    • We will keep monitoring all algorithms to further improve accordingly to time frame.
    • Sourcing out more partnership to grow Buddy Ai capabilities.